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Discover the ultimate destination for your desires at Claws & Clamps, the best kink online store for those seeking to explore the boundaries of sensation and intimacy. Our curated selection of Claws & Clamps is designed to introduce an array of sensations, from the thrilling edge of intensity to the depths of pleasure. Dive into a world where your boundaries are respected, and your curiosities are celebrated.

As a leading kink online store, Claws & Clamps offers an exclusive range of premium Claws, each crafted to enhance your sensation play experience:

  • Kitten Claws: Tailored for sensation play, these claws come in various colours to captivate those in search of profound tactile experiences. They are the shortest, sharpest, and most precise in our collection.
  • Wolfcat Claws: Available in a spectrum of colours and materials, these original design claws set the standard for authenticity and innovation.
  • Steampunk Claws: A visually stunning reinterpretation of the Wolfcat design, these claws not only captivate the eye but also promise a sensational experience.
  • Skull Claws: With a gothic flair, each Skull claw features dual fangs, doubling the sensation and designed specifically for intensified play.
  • Armour Claws: These claws boast a larger design with armour-like ridges on the talons, setting them apart in both aesthetics and sensation.

Expand your collection with our exclusive range of flesh clamps:

  • Straight Flesh Clamps: Ideal for various body parts, including ears, toes, and more, each clamp features tie points for integration into restraint play.
  • Labia Clamps: Available in ABS, anodised aluminium, and stainless steel, these clamps offer a profound experience, especially when paired with additional weights.
  • Scrotum Clamps: Crafted from 3D-printed ABS and stainless steel, these clamps allow for precise tension control, perfect for enhancing the climax.


About Us

Claws & Clamps is your premier Australian source for 3D-printed sensation toys, catering to the kink, BDSM, and cosplay communities. What began as a simple costume prop has evolved into a comprehensive range of products designed to enrich your experiences, both in and out of the bedroom. As the best kink online store, we're committed to offering products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

At Claws & Clamps, we emphasize the importance of consent in all forms of play. Our products are designed with the understanding that they may leave temporary marks as a reminder of your explorations. For those in the cosplay community, our products provide the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to fully embody your character with creativity and confidence.

Choose Claws & Clamps for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Be daring, embrace your desires, and let us help you unveil a new dimension of pleasure.