Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Premium Nylon - Claws and Clamps - Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Premium Nylon - Claws and Clamps - Black Wolfcat Fetish Claw set of 5

Custom sizing of our BDSM Claws is available upon request, you can't just click and pay for them. This is for your benefit based on the following reasons:

  1. Most people don't need custom sizing
  2. Custom Claws are made to order and are not eligible for return or exchange
  3. There is a fee for file creation as well as the cost of the Claws
  4. Some custom sets cost extra for the Claws
  5. Some customers submit sizes that could not be a human hand

Tightly fitted Claws for sensation play will definitely enhance your experience! Our standard sized fetish Claws achieve this for most people. When using our Claws for cosplay we recognise that a looser fit is more comfortable, and stability on the finger is reduced.

We treat it as a duty of care to do all that we can to ensure that a customer has understood the measuring process, and that their sizes are far enough from our standard sizes to warrant making custom sizes. We care about our community and want you to have the best possible sensation play Claws.

A variation of a few mm from the sizes in our Size Chart is usually not a problem. If you measure your fingers at different times of the same day you are likely to find at least this much variation in your own body. It is not uncommon for Claws to be swapped around between fingers at different times.

In many cases, when provided with a list of sizes, we recommend a standard sized set. This has the advantage of being eligible for exchange and cheaper for the customer. We get very few exchanges in these circumstances.

Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Aluminium - Claws and Clamps - Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Titanium - Claws and Clamps - Fetish Claws for sensation play

The strongest case for custom Claws is for repeat customers who have used our kink Claws multiple times and would like a minor tweak to make their future purchases a perfect fit instead of a good fit. In this case the sizes are usually specified using the size codes embedded near the finger nail on each Claw.

Another good case is people whose fingers are smaller or larger than our standard size sets.

We encourage you to consider trying our Claws in a standard size as your first purchase. This allows you to try them on and exchange them if necessary. In this process you can also note which, if any, of the Claws are a good fit and record that size/finger information as a

If you have measured your fingers and are unsure, send us an email if you would like our feedback. support@clawsandclamps.com.au