Why choose our Claws?

Some people look at our BDSM Claws and are instantly clear that they wish to have some and why they have this wish.

Some people are intrigued and curious, and unsure why they would benefit from them. The fact that you are reading this page makes it likely that you are in this group.

There are a couple of different types of motivation that represent most of our customers – Cosplay and Kink.


This is the simplest one to unpack. Sometimes a costume needs that finishing touch that our Claws can provide. Whether your costume calls for small and sharp Kitten Claws or big bold talons like our Armour Claws, we’ve got you covered. If Cosplay is your thing, we recommend the Premium Nylon Collection. It has the full range of styles available and they are all comfortable to wear for extended periods. If this is you, then you probably already know why you want them!

Wolfcat Claws - ABS - Claws and Clamps - Wolfcat Claws - ABS - Claws and Clamps - Fetish Claws for sensation play


Kink is a broad concept with a bit more layering to it, so we’re going to break it into two branches:


Have you experienced a violet wand or similar toy? These can be used directly on a receiver or can be harnessed via an attachment to have the sensation delivered through the giver’s fingers. In the second configuration, this can be played from finger to finger (or other body parts) to create multiple points of contact and sensation. When this is done while wearing our Metal Claws, the receiver’s sensation is greatly enhanced. This changes those multiple points of contact from being soft-edged and sometimes ambiguous to being very highly focused electrical sensation, highly focused exactly where the giver wants it to be.

If this is your thing, please look at our Metal Claw Collection.

It will not work with any of the other Claws as they are not electrically

Sensation Play.

This is the most common reason people buy our Claws. Who doesn’t love having their skin scratched?! Such sexy, sensual pleasure, and it can all be had with your pants on!

Some people grow their fingernails long, especially for this purpose.

Unless those nails are diligently filed to very sharp points they are not going to compare to the sharpness of our Kitten Claws.

Some people prefer to keep their fingernails short and well filed.
This certainly keeps open possibilities for other types of play that don’t work so well with long nails. If you are one of these people, our kinky Claws allow you the best of both worlds. Claws on for scratchy play, with the option to take Claws off and explore other activities with smooth, scratch-free fingers!

Our recommendation for anyone with this flavour of interest is to choose from the Premium Nylon Collection.


We want to remind anyone new to this scene of the importance of CONSENT! These toys can bring out a desire for primal play and various other intense activities. That can be great, but only if everyone involved gives full informed consent. As a part of your consent discussion, it can be useful to check in around leaving marks. These Claws can easily leave marks, and we’ve seen them take anything up to a few days to disappear.


If any of these reasons appeal to you, we think you should definitely purchase some Claws! We feel sure that you will love them so much that you can’t wait to leave us a great review or send us some pictures.

If you’ve read this far and realized that these are not for you, we thank you for reading and are pleased that we have dissuaded someone who may have become a disappointed customer.