All of our products can be cleaned with any of your common anti-bacterial / anti-viral products or with hot soapy water.

Methylated spirits and Isopropyl alcohol are also safe to use, if that's your somewhat unlikely preference.

Acetone must not be used on the Entry Level Claws. It will dissolve them. If you paint them with nail polish, as some people do, it is there for good. If you change your mind about the colour they should be painted over with a new colour. Trying to remove the nail polish with nail polish remover - which is essentially acetone and perfume - will destroy the claws.

It should be noted that due to micro-porosities resulting from the manufacturing processes involved, neither the Entry Level Claws nor the Premium Nylon claws are technically sterilisable. The same is true of leather and wood, so if you have existing sharing rules around toys made from these materials it is appropriate to apply the same rules to Claws in the Entry Level Claws nor the Premium Nylon ranges.

The Metal Claws are fully sterilisable and impervious to solvents. You would need a strong acid to damage them - and now we are into a whole new level of play!