Armour Metal BDSM Claw - for electroplay with a violet wand

Metal Claws

These are the top of the range. Solid metal BDSM Claws in a variety of surface finishes, they are fully conductive and suitable for electro play.

Each set includes 4 fingers and 1 thumb, each at a slightly different size.

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Steampunk BDSM Claw - Premium Nylon - for BDSM, cosplay and kink

Premium Nylon Claws

These BDSM Claws are our most popular for sensation play, Kink and Cosplay. Available in a range of colours.

Each set includes 4 fingers and 1 thumb, each at a slightly different size.

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Wolfcat Fetish Claw - Entry Level - UV active

Entry Level Claws

These BDSM Claws are everything you need for a delightful sensation play or cosplay experience, the most cost effective option.

Each set includes 4 fingers, each at a slightly different size.

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Flesh Clamps for BDSM, sadism, masochism and kinky play

Flesh Clamps

Our Flesh Clamps are ideal for Kink.

Used either for the sensation of the clamp or for applying tension, these clamps will delight!

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Black Sensation BDSM Claws diging into sexy naked shoulder which is covered in scratched skin from kinky sensation play.


Customer feedback

These are by far the coolest purchase I've ever made. They're an amazing fit and structure like nothing else I've seen on the market. The owner is fantastic and was kind enough to answer all my questions....They're so worth the purchase! I immediately ordered another set so I can have 8."

Angel Babybirdy

The Claws are a beautifully accessible sensory product, they are so easy to adorn and remove, and yet beautifully secure when they're on; I appreciate the highly skilled craftsmanship and enjoy having them on my bedside table at the ready.


These are excellent for cosplay/costuming, as well as very satisfying in a tactile manner if you like scratchy sensations. I wasn’t sure how they would feel, and was delightfully surprised to discover they have enough give and movement to them to get a very natural feeling when you use them. And they have a bite! I’m very happy with my purchase.


Wonderfully solid claws with just enough give in the fingers to ensure a comfortable fit. The back of the claws are smooth and allow for caressing while the point is no slouch in delivering the scratch expected. The shape and position allow for natural movement and pressure control, from barely touching to intense bite. Absolutely wonderful addition to the sensualists play-bag.


Super awesome! They fit really well, very comfortable, sharp but not too sharp (if that makes sense). Overall just amazing! Would absolutely recommend!


Wow, these things are supremely cool. I’ll be picking up a second set for sure. I recommend the metal finish, it’s 100% worth it!


Sturdy, high quality 3d printing. They fit like finger gloves, and the sensations they provide as well as the aesthetic are extremely pleasing."


These are fantastic! Perfect light, teasing scratchy sensation. Thank you!"

Kristie D

Love these. They are the perfect length, just enough bite at the tips to make you feel it if you press in as well as being great for light sensation play.