Picture this, if you will, a sensation play experience with your own BDSM Claws...

You're lying on a bed, a soft cool breeze caressing bare skin in a warm space. Maybe you're blindfolded, or restrained from moving
freely - but not entirely.

It starts with just a gentle tease, a brushing of your skin, ever so gently with a single Claw, that sends tingles along your spine. Soft breath from a lover's lips washing the sensation away and leaving you wanting.

Now more Claws, traveling further. Growing firmer, leaving trails of sensation like small fireworks in your mind.

They tease and explore, every moment you are wondering what will come next as the pressure ebbs and flows and you start to squirm with pleasure.

Soft breath on your skin again while your own breathing subsides....

Now they're back, firm and assertive, you have that feeling of a good scratch that makes your skin right beside it cry out to be scratched as well. Somewhere in the back of your mind you feel gratitude that your lover knows you so well, knows how hard to push you, because it is clear that these Claws will go all the way to that place.

Harder and a little faster, you're torn between trying to escape it and leaning in for more! You feel skin growing hot as your body quakes to the sensation of being raked by your lover's touch. You wish you had found this experience sooner....

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