Claws and clamps size chart

 This chart compares our standard sizes, along with circumference sizes and some international standard ring sizes.

Our Fetish Claws come in four standard sizes and are also available at custom sizing. Not all size options are available for all products. Well fitted Claws will definitely enhance your sensation play experience.

Each Claw in a set is a slightly different size, and the thumbs are also proportioned differently. Thumbs are not included in Entry Level Claw sets.

The standard size sets are based on finger sizes in the Australian adult population. Feminine hands usually work best in the Extra Small to Medium sizes, masculine hands are more likely to be Medium to Large. Having said that, some people fall outside of our standard size ranges.

Custom sizes can be made from measurements you supply. The dimension we use is the circumference of each finger at the place where the band of the claw will sit. It's a good idea to start with the downloadable sizing guide, as this will make it clear where the band sits on your fingers.

How to measure for custom sizes:

1 ~ You will need a short piece of string (dental floss works well), a pen that will mark it and a ruler or tape measure in millimeters.
2 ~ Wrap the string firmly around the the finger, at the appropriate place.
3 ~ Where the string overlaps, mark it with the pen.
4 ~ Place the marked string on the ruler and measure between the marks in millimeters.

claws and clamps how to measure