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Straight Flesh Clamp

Straight Flesh Clamp

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These clamps are not for the faint hearted.

This clamp has been sized and shaped particularly with larger body parts in mind, and is quite versatile. Suited to body parts from ears to toes, via tongues, wrists and CBT!
The printed parts are ABS and all metalware is 316 stainless steel.

These clamps allow winding up the pressure to the perfect place using stainless steel wingnuts. This provides very deliberate control over just how much compression force is applied. A tie point is incorporated so that these can be used as part of a restraint.

The jaws of these clamps are reversible, so you can choose between the lightly textured flat surface or the more aggressive spiked face with an area 70mm x 25mm. Maximum opening is 47mm x 80mm.

These make an excellent accessory to enhance your play!

3D printed in ABS, with stainless steel hardware, in a variety of colours to match your mood.