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Kitten Pride Claws - Premium Nylon

Kitten Pride Claws - Premium Nylon

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Our best selling Kitten Claws for sensation play now come to you with PRIDE!

Five different color Claws in the same set so you can show your support of our LGBTIQA+ community while you play or parade.

The shortest, sharpest, most precise Claws in our range - these are sure to bring delight to the seeker of intense touch. Just like when a tiny kitten sinks it's needle sharp claws into you, these allow you to give that kind of touch! Gently teasing, your receiver will know how sharp they are without you needing to drive the point home. For those who like a little less bite, the tips can easily be rounded with a nail file or fine sandpaper, but these start out SHARP.

These Claws have been designed specifically for sensation play. They are the shortest of our offerings (relative to the finger size) and offer a higher level of control over the exact position of the tip. Feedback from our users included many words like "WOW", "YES" and "WANT"! If you are looking for a sensation toy specifically, consider these.

4x standard sized sets are available. Please see the Sizing Chart for more detail.

**Please note - No kittens were harmed in the making of these Claws, they do NOT come from real kittens. We didn't think we needed to say it, but it seems we do!