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Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Premium Nylon

Wolfcat BDSM Claws - Premium Nylon

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These BDSM Fetish Claws are commercially printed from the same classically animalistic design as the Entry Level Claws. Shape is suggestive of the claws of wolves  or big cats.

They are commercially printed in Melbourne using SLS technology. This results in a higher level of detail and surface finish without layer lines. The tips are slightly sharper and the inside of the finger cup is smoother to the touch. The tips can be rounded with an emery board if desired.

They come in 4x standard sized sets, with 5 Claws in each set. Please see Sizing for more detail.

Black standard sets are generally kept in stock and ship on the next business day. Custom sizes and colors are made to order and dispatch within 1-2 weeks.