Cosplay Claws

Elevate your cosplay game with Claws & Clamps' exclusive collection of Cosplay Claws, the ultimate accessory for fans looking to add an authentic edge to their costumes. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, our Cosplay Claws are available in the striking Wolfcat design, ready to be customized with paint or glue for a truly unique look. As our maker-friendly option, these claws are not only budget-friendly but also come in a range of colours, as well as an eye-catching fluorescent green, making them the perfect addition to any cosplay ensemble.

Transforming into a feral feline or any creature with claws has never been easier. Our Cosplay Claws not only complement your outfit but also enhance the overall impact of your character portrayal. Designed for comfort and durability, they securely attach to your fingers, allowing for natural movement without the risk of them coming loose. Whether for a convention, photo shoot, or themed event, these claws add that essential realistic touch.


Wolfcat ABS Claws

Ideal for cosplay enthusiasts, our Wolfcat Cosplay Claws strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. The side openings of each claw ensure breathability and fit, providing the flexibility needed for detailed character interaction and posing. Available in standard sizes and colours for immediate dispatch, custom orders for unique sizes are also available, adding a personal touch to your costume.


Wolfcat Fluorescent Claws

Stand out in the cosplay community with our fluorescent green Wolfcat Claws. Especially under UV light, these claws glow brilliantly, adding a spectacular visual element to your costume. Perfect for night-time events or parties, they ensure you grab attention.


About Us

Claws & Clamps began as a simple idea for a costume prop that quickly captured the imagination of party-goers, evolving into a specialized line of Cosplay Claws. From our beginnings with ABS plastic claws, we've expanded our craft to include premium nylon and metal options, alongside a diverse range of products designed for both cosplay and sensation exploration.

As we continue to serve the cosplay community, Claws & Clamps is dedicated to providing high-quality, customizable accessories that bring your favourite characters to life. While our Cosplay Claws are designed with creativity in mind, we also venture into products that cater to other interests, always emphasizing consent and safety. With our claws, you're not just dressing up; you're stepping into a realm of immersive role-play, where every detail contributes to a memorable portrayal.