Sensation Play Toys

Wolfcat Claws were the first of our own range of unique in-house designed Sensation Play Toys – accept no imitations! This big, bold design will bring out the primal energy in almost anyone who puts them on.

Inject some excitement into your role-play adventures with Claws & Clamps' sensational Wolfcat Claws! Our collection offers a delightful variety of Wolfcat Claws to elicit purrs of pleasure from your partner and admiration from fellow cosplayers. Prepare to be captivated as you explore our specialised range – your curiosity will undoubtedly lead you to want to try them all! With Claws & Clamps, you're stepping into a realm of boundless possibilities and thrilling experiences!

Whether your chosen experience is a sensual exploration of the joys of BDSM and kink, a spectacular cosplay, or simply diving into your primal self, your world will never be the same again!

Claws & Clamps’ Wolfcat Claws are available in ABS plastic, nylon, aluminium, and titanium, each offering unique benefits. Crafted with precision, our Wolfcat BDSM Claw rings in premium nylon boast medium sharp tips that can be easily rounded to suit your preferences. For those drawn to the thrilling allure of electroplay, our aluminium Wolfcat BDSM Claws are a visual marvel, meticulously 3D-printed and polished spectacularly. And let's not forget our titanium Wolfcat BDSM Claw rings – visually striking and crafted alongside medical implants, ensuring unparalleled quality. Titanium Claws are available in a stealthy matte finish or polished.

For cosplay enthusiasts, our ABS Wolfcat Claws provide both comfort and durability. Stand out from the crowd with our Wolfcat Fluorescent Claws, printed in vibrant fluorescent green ABS, perfect for making a statement in any scene. All of our ABS Wolfcat Claws are receptive to paint, nail polish and various types of glue, enabling complete personalisation.


About Us

Claws & Clamps is your Australian manufacturer and retailer of 3D-printed sensation toys designed to ignite your fantasies for kink, BDSM, and cosplay. What started as a simple costume prop at a party has blossomed into a broad and growing range of nylon Claws for sensation play, metal Claws for electroplay and ABS Claws for cosplay. From flesh clamps to our iconic Sensation Play Toys, we're dedicated to elevating your experiences both in and out of the bedroom.

At Claws & Clamps, we prioritise consent in all forms of play. Our Claws may leave marks. They usually fade within hours but can persist for days after intense Claw play. Please bring this awareness to your negotiations to ensure a safe and consensual experience. For cosplayers, our Claws add that finishing touch to your ensemble, allowing you to unleash your creativity and embrace your wild side with confidence.


So why wait? Embrace your boldness, unleash your primal, and reveal a new side of yourself with Claws & Clamps today!