Flesh Clamps

Flesh clamps are usually associated with kinky play and are very popular with people who are into BDSM. Maybe you want to explore your kinky side, maybe you already like playing with restraint and control, or maybe you just love the sensation of a clamp on your [insert your pleasure here]. Claws & Clamps has got your back in more ways than one. Aside from the claws we have in store, we have a range of flesh clamps to add to your arsenal of devices that provide increased sensation when they are applied to certain parts of the body. 

Explore the fine line between pleasure and pain, and discover your limits with our flesh clamps. All our clamps are modelled so that the contact surfaces are directly parallel in the closed position to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed over the entire contact pads. Force is applied via wingnuts, allowing you to apply just the perfect amount of pressure to hold that tempting bit of skin, just where you want it.


Straight Flesh Clamps

3D-printed in ABS with 316 stainless steel hardware, our straight flesh clamps are sized and shaped with larger body parts in mind. They’re perfect for body parts like the ears, toes, tongues, wrists, and CBT. All of our Clamps come with tie points so you can use them as part of a restraint. These straight flesh clamps are reversible, offering you a lightly textured flat surface or a more aggressive spiked face. These come in a variety of colours as well.


Genital Clamps

Our clamps are named by the body parts, and it’s only a suggestion. All of them are versatile and we have seen some very creative alternative uses for each of them!

Our Labia Clamps are available in stainless steel, as well as anodised aluminium and ABS plastic in a range of colours. They are designed for an intimate fit, bringing intense sensations and allowing for the application of weights or restraints. Our metal Clamps have the benefit of being a weighty toy on their own.

Our Scrotum Clamps, available in ABS plastic in a range of colours, have a smaller opening. They are best suited to pinching skin - as tightly as you choose with delicate control. These are an excellent CBT toy!


About Us

Claws & Clamps is the premier Australian creator and supplier of 3D-printed sensation toys, catering to enthusiasts of kink and BDSM. Our journey began with a simple costume prop and has since flourished into an expansive collection of nylon claws for sensation play, metal claws for electroplay, and ABS claws for cosplay. Our Flesh Clamps and other toys are dedicated to enhancing your explorations, both intimately and beyond.