Fetish Claws

Claws & Clamps helps you explore the sensual realms of BDSM with our collection of fetish Claws. Discover a world of untold pleasure and pain, of submission and dominance, where fetish Claws are just the beginning of your journey. Our range of high-quality, 3D-printed products from Claws for sensation play and electroplay to clamps and cock rings that will test how far you can go are designed to satisfy your unusual predilection for all things kinky.

Best for sensation play, our fetish Claws are made from premium nylon or metal, designed to provide an excellent fit so that you can have control while giving a playful scratch whether you’re teasing or in the throes of passion. Our Claws come in Kitten, Wolfcat, Steampunk, Armour, and Skull designs, while the metal Claws come in Kitten and Wolfcat designs using aluminium or titanium as their material.

The claw rings have openings on the sides, allowing your fingertips to breathe and enough dexterity so you can apply the needed force to deliver subtle scratches like a kitten or intense ones like a feral feline. All our Claws have sharp tips. If they prove to be too intense for you, you can round them off with a nail file or fine sandpaper.


About Us

At Claws & Clamps, we take pride in being an Australian beacon for those seeking to enhance their sensory play, offering an exquisite collection of 3D-printed sensation toys that cater to the realms of kink, BDSM, and cosplay. Originating from a single costume prop that captivated the imagination of party-goers, our journey has blossomed into a diverse array of products, from our range of cosplay Claws to the more intense fetish Claws crafted from metal and premium nylon. Our selection has grown to encompass flesh clamps and a variety of other sensation-enhancing toys, designed to bring a new level of excitement and exploration to your experiences.

Our commitment extends beyond mere products; we're here to inspire you to explore the vast landscape of your desires, both in private and in the playful realm of cosplay. Understanding the importance of consent, we design our fetish Claws with the knowledge that they may leave temporary marks as a testament to your adventures—marks that are badges of exploration and soon fade away. In the world of cosplay, where consent is intertwined with creativity, our Claws serve as the ultimate accessory, providing the finishing touch that transforms a good costume into a great one.

Claws & Clamps is more than just a source for fetish Claws; it's a sanctuary for the bold and the curious. Whether you're stepping into the world of sensation play for the first time or you're a seasoned explorer looking to add an edge to your adventures, we have something to surprise and delight you. Our products are a call to embrace your boldness, explore with confidence, and discover the untold pleasures that await.

Join us on this journey of discovery and let Claws & Clamps be your guide to a world where fantasy meets reality. Be bold, be fierce, and reveal a primal side of yourself with the allure of our fetish Claws. Welcome to the vibrant community of Claws & Clamps, where every touch is a story waiting to be told.