Do you want the best BDSM Claws available?

We make the best Claws for sensation play.

  • Designed by us and made in Australia
  • Robust engineering/medical grade materials
  • Excellent fit and stability


Do you want to get them quickly?

  • We ship daily, all over the world
  • Australia Post - Express Post within Australia


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What next?

Choose a style

We recommend Kitten Claws for sensation play, they are the shortest, sharpest and most precise. All of our styles are available in the Premium Nylon Collection.

Choose a colour

Our colours, other than black and white, vary slightly from batch to batch. If you want 2 sets that are perfectly matched we suggest ordering at the same time.

Choose your size

You can read all about sizing here. We exchange if you need a different size.

Place your order and wait for the fun to begin!


    Kitten Claw fetish claw rings for sensation play, kink and BDSM