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Why Do We, As Humans, Like Scratching?

Why Do We, As Humans, Like Scratching?

Do you like to rake your nails across your partner's back? How about receiving it? Scratching can be a fun and sexy form of sensation play that adds some spice to your love life and brings more attention to foreplay. Scratching is a great way to get a bit rougher and animalistic during kink play. The great thing about scratching is that it can be something as innocent or as kinky as you’d like. Your experiences and what you bring to the table will be unique to you and can go whichever way you and your partner like. Whether you’re wanting to know more about why people like claws, claws for kink play, or you're just looking into a bit of experimenting then this article will help you!

Know the Power of Rough Sex

Rough sex has been deeply rooted in sex for thousands of years and can include things like spanking, whipping, bondage, scratching and so much more. Not only are these ways to spice up sexy play, but can also be a way to explore new roles sexually. This can be a way to relieve tension, escape reality or gain/relinquish control that is not often had in daily lives. When done safely and consensually, it’s a great way to deepen the connection with your partner. There are plenty of toys available to heighten the sensation such as claws for cosplay, metal claws, and nylon claws.

What Makes Scratching Feel so Good?

Humans are animals, while being far more developed and civilized, we are still animals. We grow nails as a form of protection just like many other animals. We like to scratch, need to scratch; it’s a part of our animalistic and primal nature. Scratches also leave behind marks that are a nice reminder of our wild primal moments. When it comes to giving or receiving scratches, whether from claws for BSDM or claws for kink, they all serve as a pleasant memory that marks were left behind after sexy play.

Scratching dates as far back as the Kama Sutra, with one chapter even detailing the fact that scratches are marks of love and pleasure. It’s a way to stay connected with your partner during rough sex or foreplay. The Kama Sutra describes eight different types of nail marks to leave on the partner’s body for pleasure and domination. The practices in the Kama Sutra are still being used today as we now know why people like claws. Claws for BSDM, and other kinks are still on the rise today.

What to Know When Scratching During Kink Play

Whether you’re growing out your nails or needing claws for cosplay, there are so many things that you must keep in mind.  Scratching isn’t just some domination thing, it goes far beyond that. It is an exploration of sensation play. Scratching is something that anyone can do; it’s not isolated to just one role. There is pleasure to be had as giver and as receiver. It’s something that can feel good for all parties involved as it brings out our primal senses. Long nails are not necessarily needed when it comes to scratching during sexual play anymore. Many people are not interested in having long nails, they are not appropriate for some activities at all. We have a range of sensation play toys to help address that issue. Both metal claws and nylon claws are readily available for purchase to help heighten the arousal and excitement during play.

In the end, it’s important to know and understand that scratching is something that is meant to bring pleasure to you and your partner during intimacy, not to inflict unwanted pain. Mutual consent is always necessary along with constant communication. 

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