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UV active Claws coming soon

There are always creative things happening in the background here at Claws & Clamps!

We’ve recently had a couple of inspiring conversations with content creators. It was very fortuitous how it all aligned. We are preparing a variation on our claw ring sets as a result.

In the first conversation, while looking at some of our fetish claw creative projects, it was suggested that we could insert an LED into the clear cosplay claws that we have been exploring. That’s a bit of a complex task – not out of question – as it involves developing a way to power and switch it that doesn’t spoil the line of the Claw. We take that idea on as a wish for your future sensual pleasure.

In a later conversation, we spoke about this with another colleague/cum/contributor. They had recently been at an event full of costumery, tunes and spectacular lighting. Their input was to suggest that without internal lighting a version of our Claws that fluoresces under UV would be fun.

Now we’re onto something, so, we developed…

We have been doing test prints for a while now with a luminous PLA filament. It rocks under UV! It also will hold a gentle glow in the dark for MANY hours in an unlit space.

We see the advantages of this product as it being spectacular to look at and easy to find in the dark! We see them as perfect for being out at a party and fully expressing yourself in a spectacular way! We also see them as delightfully easy to find if you happen to create a more private space with that delightful dancer you met at the party and would like to explore some sensation play without turning on the lights. It sounds like “all good” to us!

Always remember that consent is paramount. It is important to ask before touching another human. When wearing our Claws, they become an extension of you. Touch with them should be treated with the same respect as touch with your fingers. The only difference is that the Claws are likely to bring out more of your primal energy. It’s tempting to say that this means consent is even more important, but it isn’t true. Consent is ALWAYS essential.

So we will soon be launching a new Claw option that will blow your mind in UV active spaces! The details are still taking shape, when we resolve them you will be among the first to know.

We are well aware that our customers generally fall into two broad categories. We engage with a lot of kinksters who like to use our product for sensual or sensation play. They typically like the feel of scratching the skin and teasing flesh with our fetish claws. The cosplay people, on the other hand, are all about the look. They express wanting something that compliments their latest costume. If you feel that you don’t fit into either of these descriptions we would love to hear from you to better meet your personal needs!

We picture this upcoming release as probably more interesting to the cosplayers. Who doesn’t love getting all dressed up (or down, as the case may be) and being seen? This is an exploration into what happens when fetish meets club, and what to wear when it does.

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