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Rewards Program

We're launching a Rewards program, YAY!

This is going to make it much easier for people who like our Fetish Products, particularly our BDSM Claws, to offer discounts to their friends and gain rewards for themselves.

We have many valued people around us who have helped and supported us in a multitude of ways, and it has been challenging to always find the best way to reward this support beyond the deep gratitude we offer. There are always free product options, and if anyone wishes to talk about a Claws for content arrangement please email

The Rewards program has just gone live. There are various ways to earn and be rewarded for Claw Points. The list of ways and related values will likely change over time. We need to get a feel for the impact it has compared to the cost of the rewards. What we have, to begin with, is a reasonable start. If you already have an account with us you can sign in with that and get a sign-up reward that will start you on your journey to discounted or FREE products. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for the same reward.

The goal is that anyone who wants to invest a little bit of time spreading the word about our products can be rewarded in a reasonable amount of time and that if someone has more time than money then they can invest their time a bit more heavily and get Claws for just that. At the moment, the Rewards are all focused on the Premium Nylon Claws, this also may change in the future.

We reserve the right to modify or close this program at any time. We intend to tweak it, if required, to make it work for everyone.

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