Model wearing custom BDSM Claws, in a fetish scene on a motorbike

Misty’s Custom Toe Claw Experience

We recently shared the story of making a set of custom Kitten BDSM Claws for one of our customers. Misty has very generously shared her story:

I love my standard Kitten Claws, don’t get me wrong, but they just weren’t enough. I needed more. I wanted, no needed, toe claws.

Claws and Clamps were deliciously receptive to my idea, and their experience also allowed them to be honest about some of the practical issues we were likely to face during the design process. Toes are tricky. I appreciate that now in ways that I did not before. However, there was nothing that could not be overcome.

Receiving the full sizing set of kitten claws was an excellent start. It allowed me lots of time and space to see how the different sizes would work with the different joint structure of toes. It also reinforced that kitten claws were a good basic design choice, their design meant my mobility wouldn’t be impaired and the claw tips would not cross each other. As I played with the possibilities, I began to understand how a set would subtly change the way I walked and the foot dexterity I would need to develop once I had a full set to play with. Sensation play is not just for the person receiving. I was already falling in love with the sensations I felt when I put them on.

The big toes remained a challenge. As someone used to having feet on the smaller side, they suddenly felt enormous. Tracing out and measuring their circumference and diameter at key points so prototypes could be made certainly did not help. While confident that Claws and Clamps could develop a practical solution, I was concerned the aesthetic may not work and all the joy I had begun to feel was at risk.

Trying on the prototypes was amazing. It was immediately obvious which was the best fit and all my concerns about the aesthetic vanished. Returning to practicalities, with the big toes sorted I got to tweak the size of a couple of the other claws to reflect how the big toe claws subtly changed the dynamic and shape of my foot.

It’s been wonderful to find a maker who was willing to explore my quirky desire, enthusiastically willing to bring their skills to a collaborative design process, and to successfully bring them to life.

I really love my toe claws.



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