Mindful Kink: An Exercise in Sensory Awareness and Connection

Mindful Kink: An Exercise in Sensory Awareness and Connection

In the enriching world of mindful kink, every touch and sensation can become a journey towards greater self-awareness and deeper intimacy. Today, we explore an engaging exercise designed to enhance your sensory perceptions and connection with your partner, all centred around our versatile Premium Nylon Claws.

What is Mindful Kink?

Engaging in kink with heightened awareness and presence promotes a deep connection with oneself and one’s partner. It transcends traditional views on kink, focusing not just on the physical experiences but on the mental and emotional symbiosis that occurs during play.

Setting the Stage

First, a clear discussion about consent and boundaries is crucial. This conversation should include preferences regarding intensity and specific areas of the body that are in-bounds or off-limits. With our Premium Nylon Claws, it's possible to leave temporary marks, so it’s important to discuss boundaries around this possibility as well. Safe words are an excellent tool. We use a variation known as the traffic light system.

  • Green: Good, keep going, don’t stop, can be used to encourage escalation.
  • Orange: Something needs to change soon. Maybe it’s getting too intense, a position adjustment is needed or a boundary is being approached.
  • Red: STOP. Assess what is the cause and deal with it to the satisfaction of whoever called red. Play may, or may not, re-commence after the circumstance has been resolved.

Choosing Your Tools

Our Premium Nylon Claws come in a variety of designs. Wolfcat, Steampunk and Armour Claws are at the subtler end of the scale, while our Kitten and Skull Claws are as sharp as can be made in nylon. Selecting the right type enhances the experience, tailored to personal comfort and the desired intensity of sensation.

Choosing your Body Part

When selecting a body part for your mindful kink exercise with Premium Nylon Claws, consider both comfort and sensitivity. The bare back is a common choice due to it’s large, accessible area and typically lower sensitivity. Arms and legs can respond strongly to the light caresses or firmer scratches offered by the claws and can feel less vulnerable to some people. Areas such as the belly can be ticklish or sensitive, and the face should generally be avoided to ensure safety and comfort. Discuss with your partner which areas they are comfortable exploring, and always keep within boundaries and consented actions to ensure a pleasurable and respectful experience for both the giver and the receiver.

The Exercise

This practice involves a simple yet powerful exercise where one partner, the giver, uses the claws to stimulate the other, the receiver, who will be blindfolded to enhance their other senses. A blindfold is not strictly necessary, but the focus will be greater if sight is obscured. The receivers’ focus is enhanced by trying to estimate the number of Claws being used at any moment.

  1. Comfort and Positioning: Ensure the receiver is comfortably positioned - perhaps lying face-down on a soft surface to avoid any physical distraction. Eyes closed or a blindfold is recommended.
  1. Initial Sensation Test: Start with a gentle touch using the claws. The receiver should rate the sensation on a scale of one to ten to establish a baseline for desirable intensity. It is important to understand what experience the receiver wants. If using a scale of one to ten, do they want to stay below a certain number? Most people express enjoying spending much of their experience at 50-80% of their maximum with only small amounts of 100%. Their maximum for the exercise may be less than 10.
  1. Sensory Engagement: Let the receiver know when the activity is about to begin and then, without the receiver seeing, run the claws along their back or other agreed-upon area. Ask the receiver to estimate how many Claws are being used.

Repeat, varying the number of claws and type of stroke used, and ask the receiver again to estimate how many are in contact with their skin. 

  1. Feedback and Adjustment: Continuously engage with the receiver to adjust the pressure and number of claws based on their comfort and enjoyment. 
  1. Sensual Soothing: After the more intense phases of the exercise, you may incorporate elements of sensual soothing. This can involve lighter, more caressing touches with the claws or even soft brushes without the claws, helping to soothe the skin and relax the body after heightened sensory play. Breath and sound can be very effective during the winding down stage.

Enhancing Sensory Awareness

The important part of this practice is enhancing sensory awareness. This exercise is designed to sharpen the receiver's perception of touch and support them in being mindful of their own body and sensations. By focusing intensely on the sensations provided by the claws, the receiver can achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of their body’s responses.

The focus here is not on getting the right answer but on intensifying the receiver’s awareness of each sensation. The purpose of this exercise is to bring the receiver’s attention to be as highly focused on their own body as possible. There are no right or wrong answers – you may even choose to not reveal how many Claws are being used at any moment.

Debriefing the Experience

After the exercise, discuss the sensations experienced, the mental engagement of the receiver, and the emotional connectivity between both partners. We often ask How could this experience be even better?  This debrief can help both partners understand how the exercise affected their sensory awareness and emotional state. Who knows, you might just come out of it with an idea for another different scene with our Claws!

Encouragement for Exploration

We encourage you to explore these practices to not only enrich your play but also deepen your understanding of each other’s desires and boundaries. Engaging in this focused sensation play is about more than just physical sensations - it’s about building trust, intimacy, and self-awareness.


Engaging in such focused and thoughtful practices can transform your sensory experiences into avenues for personal growth and intimate connection. We invite you to share your experiences and insights or ask questions about this practice. Your journey starts here - embrace it with openness, curiosity, and respect for one another's boundaries.

🌟 For those looking to start or enhance their journey, our Premium Nylon Claws are available in various styles and colours to suit all preferences. Check them out and discover a new dimension of playful exploration that can be sensationally satisfying.

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