Customer Feedback - Kitten Claws

Customer Feedback - Kitten Claws

Customer Feedback

We get a lot of very appreciative emails and messages about our BDSM Claws for sensation play, and it is delightful to read them! We get more joyful messages than actual reviews in fact! (hint hint)

Recently we received one that was so wonderful and well written that we would like to anonymously share it.

A friend recommended I buy these. The same friend who had to break it to me that I was kinky. Considering I am pretty new to kink and hadn't bought a sex toy in years I didn't immediately think I should review these. But I'm happy to share my thoughts now.

I have bought two sets of the Kitten Claws. The person I was using them on decided to buy their own. And the person they used them on also bought a set. So I'd say they were a popular hit.

They are very simple and easy to use. They fit onto your finger tips, you find a consenting adult with some exposed flesh and away you go. You can press gently and you can go harder. If you enjoy getting scratched with just normal nails (or doing the scratching) then buy these. I can't really convey how much better the sensation play will be. It would be like comparing black and white tv vs colour tv. Vast sensory upgrade. If you're using these on someone who is a bit more discerning with their pain and not a complete masochist then I'd recommend places like back of thighs, back of neck and head. I'd avoid stomach. If you're completely into your pain then you'll have a tonne of enjoyment from these in practically every location.

I have broken skin with the claws. You would have to press pretty hard with enough determination to do it though. Its basically a minor cat scratch and wasn't concerning.

Cleaning them with normal dishwasher detergent has been fine. They leave small black marks on whatever surface they dry on. So I usually make sure they are on paper towel.

The customer service I got was really good too. Prompt emails that were friendly and easy to deal with. I originally bought the wrong size and it's been one of the rare times getting an exchange via online wasn't a hassle.

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