3D Printer Upgrade - Claws and Clamps

3D Printer Upgrade

Our front of house is all about presenting our products for BDSM, fetish, kink and cosplay in appealing ways.

Our back of house has a lot of focus on ensuring that our BDSM Claws and Flesh Clamps are produced at consistently excellent quality. We also use our in-house manufacturing for design development and prototyping. We also manufacture our Entry Level Claws in-house. When we offer a product manufactured through our commercial manufacturing partner, it has typically been printed many times over with adjustments and tweaks.

We are overjoyed to have just upgraded our in-house printer from a Tiertime Upbox+ to a Tiertime Up300.

We were happy with the quality of the output from the Upbox+. We have compared it with output from printers worth as much as a Tesla, and frankly, the difference is negligible. No FDM printer creates products without layer lines. That is why we have our Premium Nylon Claws printed using SLS.

The issue was that the printer was becoming increasingly unreliable. We love the design and development of our Sensation Toys. We particularly love the testing 😉 And the content creation can be fun as well 😉 We don’t like shutting down production to dismantle the printer and replace a part!

So that is all sorted now. If you order a toy for your sensual pleasure, we will not be stressing about getting it out on time because the printer is down. It is worth noting that we have not once dispatched late. We thought you might like to know that if you order an item for an upcoming cosplay event, erotic massage or sex party, it will not be held up by faulty technology!

The management here can be a bit geeky! A love of playing with the technology, along with a love of playing with other people, is a match made in sensual pleasure heaven. We are always looking at new things to make, and better ways to make them. We are dedicated to exploring, expanding, and improving our ways of sharing consensual pleasure exchange. Our goal is to share what we create with the world.

We wish you a pleasurable world 😊

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