Claw Rings

Feeling mischievous? Then try these Cat Claw Rings from Claws & Clamps. Whether you’re going to give that teasing scratch or you’re going to be at the receiving end of it, these Cat Claw Rings will surely bring delight to seekers of intense touch. We make them as sharp as the claws of a tiny kitten, providing that kind of feeling that can be playful, sexy, and sensual. But if you want these claws a little bit tamer, the tips can be rounded off with fine sandpaper or a nail file. 

Designed specifically for sensation play, these claws are the shortest among our offerings, giving you a higher level of control when it comes to positioning its tips. They come in Premium Nylon and Metal. Our Premium Nylon Kitten Claws are available in standard black colour, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. If you want a colourful ensemble, then you have to try our Kitten Pride claws. All our premium nylon claws come in sets of 5. 

If you want to get serious and intense, we also have metal Cat Claw Rings. Available in aluminium and titanium, these Claws are the ideal violet wand accessory for electroplay. These claws come in sets of 5, with each claw varying in size from the others. The aluminium claws are exquisitely polished to perfection while the titanium Claws are available in a stealthy matte finish or polished if you want the bling factor. Contact us to learn more about our metal claws.


About Us

Claws & Clamps is the premier Australian creator and supplier of 3D-printed sensation toys, catering to enthusiasts of kink, BDSM, and cosplay. Our journey began with a simple costume prop and has since flourished into an expansive collection of nylon claws for sensation play, metal claws for electroplay, and ABS claws for cosplay. Our iconic Cat Claw Rings for BDSM and other toys are dedicated to enhancing your explorations, both intimately and beyond.

We at Claws & Clamps hold consent and safe play in the highest regard. Our claws are designed to leave temporary marks that typically fade within hours, yet may last for days following passionate play. This important aspect should be considered in your play negotiations to ensure a safe, consensual experience. For cosplayers, our claws add an exquisite finishing touch to your outfit, empowering you to fully express your creativity and confidently embrace your untamed side.