Hello Sensation Seeker!

I'm jHats, the maker behind these products. I live and work from a beautiful place in the Dandenong Ranges, looking out at birds, bush and kangaroos.

Everything you see here exists as a result of me fulfilling my desire to make the things I would like to have in my world, combined with a wish to share the joy that these things bring me.

The Claws originally came about as a costume prop for a party where I had an enormous amount of fun playing with them and was asked over and over again if I would make some for other guests.

The first set of claws was just a prelude though. Before I could share them I had to feel they were right, not just thrown together. I tweaked and refined the design tens of times to reach that point, painstakingly testing each iteration. The outcome of all of that is the Entry Level Claw range.

I make these myself in own workshop, printed on an UpBox+ using Tiertime ABS filament, and then finished by hand, packed and shipped. One of my greatest joys doing this is the amount of feedback I get about how much others enjoy my product. Meanwhile I'm always asking myself - How can I do this better? Three obvious things have come up...

First. The surface finish on the Entry Level Claws is great, but not perfect. You can see the layers on close inspection. These are the Claws I keep in my personal kit. I engaged a commercial 3D printer to make some Claws from Nylon using SLS. The surface is more uniform and it is capable of finer detail. Problem solved, Premium range here we come...

but not yet,

Second. Thumbs were never part of the original concept, but repeated requests encouraged me to continue experimenting to get the shape to a good general fit. Thumbs are more variable than fingers it seems! Having developed a suitable form, thumbs were added at the same time as some other file adjustments for the new printer. While adjusting files I was also able to add a couple of variations (Steampunk and Armour) that are too finely detailed for my own printer to do well. That's the Premium range.

Third. I wanted these to work for electro play. This meant printing in metal. After many hours of conversation and email I am yet to find a local printer who will do them at anything like a reasonable cost. The main issue is some quirky legislation around 3D printing in Australia that will hopefully one day be resolved. Meanwhile, the Metal Claws are 3D printed in the US and shipped direct to customers. Sadly, those customers miss out on the personal touches applied to everything packed in house, but those finishing touches don't seem worth the extra time and expense of shipping here and resending.

These Claws have brought an enormous amount of joy, to me, my friends, their friends, and hundreds of people all over the world. I hope you choose to join in the fun :-)